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How to choose Floor tile?

1.View the quality inspection reportFloor tiles are radioactive products, generally divided into three categories: A, B, and C. For interior decoration, it is best to use Class A floor tiles. When purchasing, you can request to check the quality inspection report; polished tiles must have the national 3c certification, choose polished tiles. Pay attention to viewing the report;2.Look at the appearanceLook at whether the surface of the floor tile is smooth and complete, whether it is lack of angle and wear; compare the two different types of floor tiles, see if the length, height and texture are the same, and splicing two tiles to see if they can be aligned;In addition, you can also see the water absorption of the tile, load-bearing properties; hardness; dirt resistance; fire resistance.

What are the characteristic of high quality tiles?

There is a product called tile anti-slip agent, suitable for glazed tiles, whole body bricks, polished tiles, vitrified tiles, antique bricks, non-slip tiles, mosaics and other stone floor tiles. Its function principle is: the tile anti-slip agent can effectively penetrate into the capillary pores of the floor tiles and stone, dissolve a small amount of silicon, make the original capillary pores thick, and form many small invisible nano-scale dents on the surface. When the ground is in contact with water, the capillary holes are filled with water. When the sole or the sole passes through the ground, the water is pressed and squeezed out of the capillary to make the capillary hole vacuum, so that contact with the sole can form a physical suction cup. The role.The friction coefficient of the ground is greatly enhanced, which reduces the risk of slipping and falling after the wet water of the floor tiles. It has the effect of “sipping water and smashing”, making the ground wet water more slippery than dry. The pedestrian is absolutely safe! Even if the surface part is worn out in the future, the existing structural changes in the interior are partially stabilized, so that the long-term anti-slip effect can be maintained. The treated floor tiles or ground stone also have obvious effects when dry, and the anti-slip effect is increased several times in the case of water or greasy state, and is effective for a long time after anti-slip treatment.

What's the Floor tile anti-skid principle?

The anti-slip agent of the floor tile has a strong penetrating power through the chemical reaction with the floor tile or the floor stone bath, which can effectively penetrate into the capillary channel of the floor tile and the stone bath, so that the channel is widened, and the upper layer forms a pit, water or grease. When it is in contact with the sole of the foot, it can form a physical suction cup. Even if the ground part is worn, the original structure of the ground is unchanged and can guarantee that it will not fall off at any time. The color of the ground is basically unchanged. Once the anti-slip treatment is applied, the anti-slip effect is guaranteed and has strong resistance. Chemical, weather resistant, UV resistant, etc. The anti-slip effect is obvious, and the anti-slip effect is doubled after encountering water and greasy.